• The back of her legs met the bed, and as she sat, he knelt between her legs, letting his hands follow the contours of her hips, outer thighs, and calves toward the floor.
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  • Eating Sweet Come

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  • He leaned toward her, nearly brushing his nose against hers. He didn t like to think that she was a pretty woman, though she could afford to gain a few pounds to fill out her curves.
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  • Eating Sweet Come

    May 16th, 2009
  • Here is numero dos. A beautiful tale of love and loss; of nuance and intrigue; of chaos and bedazzlement. That or something similar. Enjoy!

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  • Wheat corsage is a project I started to make use of the wonderful spam poetry I recieve on an almost daily basis. Creating a sort of visual spoetry. All of the text is taken directly from the spam itself. Word for word. I may change punctuation slightly, but the words are untouched. I hope others will come to enjoy these little gems as much as I do.


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