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  • Well If you really want to know, some of those pots can get heavy when I have to carry them all the way to the house.
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  • CHAPTER ELEVEN FORTY-FIVE MINUTES later the Hummer coasted down a private road to an estate framed with a set of eight foot high wrought iron gates and a solid stone wall of equal height.
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  • Esther hurried to her and supported her so that she didn t trip again when the awful dress wrapped itself around her ankles.
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  • She preferred not to know the gory details in case it presented her with a moral dilemma. It is you who is home again, Reilly said, lifting her from her feet and squeezing her against him.
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    Charlotte looked up at James, and found him watching her, his mouth unfurled in a thin smile.
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    Most likely the worse he would get is a painful bite on the shoulder. Linda smiled at him as if he never insulted her.
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  • Yet, a few students would pitch in a buy coffee and tea when it was needed for those late night study sessions, I ll be right back. She saw the silhouetted outline of a man astride the horse, his arm outstretched, moonlight flashing off the brass-adorned barrel of his pistol.
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    Eating Sweet Come

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    Eating Sweet Come

    May 16th, 2009
  • Here is numero dos. A beautiful tale of love and loss; of nuance and intrigue; of chaos and bedazzlement. That or something similar. Enjoy!

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  • Wheat corsage is a project I started to make use of the wonderful spam poetry I recieve on an almost daily basis. Creating a sort of visual spoetry. All of the text is taken directly from the spam itself. Word for word. I may change punctuation slightly, but the words are untouched. I hope others will come to enjoy these little gems as much as I do.


  • Merrily Fanciful

  • May 2009